Phenolic Maturity & Glories Index

Phenolic Maturity (GLORIES METHOD)

The “Glories” method evaluates the phenolic maturity of grapes. It provides information both on the quantity (total potential in anthocyanins and tannins) and quality (anthocyanin extractability, seed maturity) of the polyphenols.

  • A pH 1: Total potential in anthocyanins
  • A pH 3.2: Total potential in extractible anthocyanins in the pH of the wine
  • EA: Anthocyanin extractability
  • RPT: Total polyphenolic richness of the grapes
  • MP%: Seed maturity, representative of the contribution of seed tannins

The technological maturity should also be measured (please refer to our oenological analysis page).

 Determination includes the following parameters

A pH 1, A pH 3.2


Berries weight

Volume nécessaire 200 berries
Analysis duration Done within the day

Glories index

The Glories index evaluates the sensory properties of phenolic compounds. It does not provide an indication of the size of the phenolic macromolecules or their structure. In order to do this, we recommend measuring the mean degree of polymerization (mDP) (please refer to our mDP link).

The HCL index indicates the degree of condensation of the tannins.

The ethanol index estimates the degree of combination of the tannins with the polysaccharides and their colloidal state.

The gelatine index estimates the percentage of tannins that precipitate in the presence of proteins.

For a better characterization of the phenolic content of wines, we recommend analyzing the tannins and anthocyanins (please refer to our anthocyanin and oenological analysis page).

 HCL IndexEthanol IndexGelatine Index
Volume 125 mL 125 mL 125 mL
Analysis duration 2 days 2 days 5 days


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