Mean degree of polymerization and Galloylation

Depending on their molecular structure, condensed tannins have different properties (taste, anti-oxidants, stabilizing the colourants, etc.).

Condensed tannins are polymers of flavan-3-ol units. They are formed from four types of units: catechin, epicatechin, epigallocatechin (esterified epicatechins by gallic acid), and epicatechine gallate.

Each polymer can be characterized by its mean degree of polymerization (mDP) and percentage of galloylation. The mDP is the average number of monomers by polymer. The galloylation percentage is the percentage of monomers with a gallate aggregation. mDP is a marker of tannin extraction from the skins. A higher value indicates increased suppleness of the wine tannins.

MatricesGrapes, Wine
Méthod Grapes : 1 kg / Wines : 750 mL
Volume Phloroglucynolyse /HPLC/fluo

Results :

determination includes the following parameters

Galloylation %
Epicatechin galloyled
Analysis duration 5 days

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  • Method validated by LC/MS


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