Torulospora Delbrueckii

Torulaspora delbrueckii is a non-Saccharomyces yeast naturally present on grapes and in the grape must. It has been described in literature for its positive impacts on the quality and complexity of wines and for the “clearness” of fermentations with, in particular, low VA, acetaldehyde, diacteyl and acetoin production. T. delbrueckii is also described as being both cryophilic and osmotolerant.

Many recent researches have demonstrated the interest of using T. delbrueckii both on sweet and dry wines.

In term of aromas revelation, the use of T. delbrueckii with a selected Saccharomyces cerevisiae selected yeast strains improves wine complexity, notably with a better expression of varietal aromas. In term of mouth feel, wines are judged with a greater volume and length on the palate.

From this, several companies propose commercial selection of pure T. delbrueckii or mix with others species.

In order to manage the use of these yeasts trough the winemaking process, it is recommended to make sure of their implantation. SARCO has developed a method to guarantee the implantation of yeasts from that particular specie. This analysis made in Real time PCR, is highly specific and enables to get a result within less than 48 hours.


Real time PCR


125 mL


Torulaspora delbrueckii population (equivalent FUC*/mL) 

Analysis duration

2 days

* CFU = Colony Forming Unit

Our quality guarantee

  • Genetic test with reference strains


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