Microbiological Expertise

With our team of specialists and the latest relevant tools in microbiology, our laboratory is able to offer comprehensive expertise for the identification and counting of microorganisms, from the grape to the bottled wine.

Our team (including doctors and technicians in microbiology, engineers, chemists and winemakers) is at your disposal to respond to all of your microbiological problems.

SARCO offers both classical techniques of microbiology and recent biological genetic methods as well as tools for the determination of contaminants coming from microorganism spoilages.


Microscopic observation
Counting of viable microorganisms by epifluorescence

Counting of microorganisms by culture
on selective medium


Total yeasts
non- Saccharomyces yeasts
Brettanomyces yeasts
Acetic bacteria
Lactic acid bacteria
Total flora
Salmonella research
E. coli
Clostridium perfingens
Staphylocoques coagulases +
Total mesophilic flora

Specific detection of spoilage
microorganisms by PCR

Brettanomyces bruxellensis (quantification)
Zygosaccharomyces baillii (detection)
Lactic acid bacteria strains that produce biogenic amines (quantification)
Lactic acid bacteria strains with ropy (detection)

Specific detection of
microorganisms by PCR

Torulaspora delbruecki (quantification)
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Saccharomyces uvarum
Oenococcus oeni

Our quality guarantee

  • Genetic test with reference strains
  • Connecting  EIL

Some examples of expertise

  • Ecologic study of cellar microflora
  • Ecologic study of grape and wine microflora
  • Monitoring of microflora during winemaking and ageing : genetic identification & counting
  • Genetic identification and counting of spoilage microorganisms
  • DNA fingerprinting of commercial strains (ADY & malolactic starter)

For all other projects, please contact us.


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