Volatile Phenols

The production of volatile phenols (4-ethylphénol, 4-ethylguaïacol) by Brettanomyces is a dreaded spoilage. At concentrations of 450 µg/L and higher, the quality and wine typicity are strongly marked by animal notes.

During the entire winemaking process, microbiological and chemical analytical tools are available to anticipate, prevent and respond to Brettanomyces development.

The requested information and the expected delay are closely related.

Whichever option you choose, even the simplest analysis:

  • must be capable of measuring the kinetics of the population and should therefore not be implemented in isolation.
  • is a tool to decide whether or not the result is properly used.

Microbiological analyses

Consult the page "Brettanomyces" in "Microbiology" section.

Chemical analyses

Knowledge of wine characteristics: alcohol content, glucose-fructose, pH and regular checks of the free and total SO2 (molecular SO2 should be calculated) provide the first indications of the ability of a wine to resist Brettanomyces contamination.

The determination of volatile phenols (SBSE/GC/MS) enables the evolution of these compounds to be followed so as to intervene before the perception threshold is reached. It can also confirm a suspected contamination.

  • In addition to 4-ethylphénol and 4-ethylgaïacol, the final metabolism products of Brettanomyces, it is also possible to analyse 4-vinyl-phenol and 4-viny-lguaïacol, an intermediate compound in the production sequence. This determination is also a useful tool to predict future contamination.
  • In addition to values expressed in µg/L, the result is expressed with regard to the threshold of perception, making interpretation easier. 
  volatil Phenols: Ethyls (E4P + E4G)* + Vinyls (V4P + V4G)
Volume 25 mL
Analysis duration 1 à 2 days

Our quality guarantee

*COFRAC accredited analysis (accreditation N°1-0588, available on http://www.cofrac.fr/)

  • Method validated according to OIV Oeno 10/2005 resolution and NF V03-110 standard validation
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