Why dosing phtalates

Depuis début 2013, de nouvelles règles d'exportation pour les vins et spiritueux ont émergé ; ainsi, toute boisson alcoolisée en partance pour la CHINE doit être accompagnée d'un bulletin concernant l'analyse des phtalates.

Regulatory context

Phthalates are compounds used as plasticizing agents for the production of plastics (especially PVC) in a large range of application domains like food industry.

Several of them are classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic and/or reprotoxic. Their use is thereby extremely well regulated and controlled since the publication of the European regulation 10/2011 on “plastic materials and objects destined to get in contact with food”.

This regulation defines different Specific Migration Limits (SML) of food, which also apply as references since no regulation has been specified yet concerning alcohol beverages

Compounds LD
LMS* (mg/kg)
Annexe I ; UE 10/2011
Benzyl-butyl-phtalate (BBP) 0.03 0.1 30
Dibutyl-phtalate (DBP) 0.02 0.05 0.3
Diéthylphtalate (DEP) 0.03 0.1 /
Diéthyl-hexyl-phtalate (DEHP) 0.03 0.1 1.5
Di-isononyl-phtalate (DINP) 0.03 0.1 9
Diméthyl-phtalate (DMP) 0.03 0.1 /
Di-isodécyl-phtalate (DIDP) 0.03 0.1 9


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