Ochratoxin A

What is ochratoxin A?

Ochratoxin A (OTA) is a mycotoxin found in a wide range of food products such as cereals, coffee, dried fruits, grape juices and wines. It is produced by mould species of the genera Aspergillus and Penicillium.

What are the risks associated with the presence of OTA?

At high levels, OTA can have toxic effects (nephrotoxicity and carcinogenicity).

What are the regulatory constraints?

The EC No.123/2005 regulation has been applicable since April 1st , 2005. It imposes a maximum content limit of 2 µg/L, from the 2005 harvest (released on the market after April 1st, 2005).

It is applicable to:

  • wine (red, white, rosé), including sparkling wines, with the exception of liqueur wines and wines with a minimum alcoholic strength of 15% (as defined in Regulation 1493/99).
  • Other wine and/or grape juice, including flavoured wines, flavoured wine-based drinks and flavoured cocktails.
  • Grape juice, ingredients based on grape juice.
  • Grape must and reconstituted grape concentrates.

In all cases, whomever first releases a product on the market shall prove that the lot does not exceed the limit.

 How to ensure compliance with regulations?


(threshold 1 µg/L)

HPLC / fluo
Matrices raisins, moûts, vins
Volume 25 mL 25 mL
Analysis duration 1 days 5 days
Advantages of the method

Specific, rapid, low cost

Specific, rapid, quantitative dosage

Our quality guarantee

  • Method validated according to OIV Oeno 10/2005 resolution and NF V03-110 standard validation
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