During white and rosé winemaking, care must be taken to preserve aromas expressed by yeast.

Recent studies have clearly demonstrated the positive effect of protective compounds in the preservation of fruity aromas and the prevention of advanced ageing, including the role of the antioxidant glutathione (GSH).

Why quantify Glutathione?

GSH level in wine depends initially on that found in the grapes.

  • An early analysis of grape and/or juice provides an estimation of the grapes’ reducing potential.

Monitoring GSH during the winemaking process targets any weaknesses in the process with respect to protection against oxygen.

  • In combination with wine tasting, GSH determination is an advanced tool to manage blending.
  • In bottled wine, it is an excellent indicator of shelf-life.




Grapes, Juice*, wWine




Grapes : 500 g  / Liquid :125 mL

Analysis duration

2 days

*Juice must be quickly sulphited (# 10 g/hL) and frozen after sampling to prevent oxidation.

Our quality guarantee

  • Method validated according to OIV Oeno 10/2005 resolution and NF V03-110 standard validation.


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