C-13 Norisoprenoids Derivatives

The derivatives of some C13 norisoprenoids contribute to the floral and fruity nuances of many grape varieties in synergy with other aromatic compounds.

SARCO can analyze the main C-13 norisoprenoid derivatives listed below:

β-damascenone Rose / Apple compote
β-ionone Violet / Raspberry

Why quantify C-13 norisoprenoid derivatives?

When combined with wine tasting, analysis of C-13 norisoprenoids is useful to monitor fruity and floral aromas in the final wine blend. 

CompoundsSee above table
Volume 100 mL
Waiting period 2 days

Our quality guarantee

  • Method validated according to OIV Oeno 10/2005 resolution and NF V03-110 standard validation


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