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Oenological analysis of grapes, must and wine

Analyses œnologiques sur raison, moût & vin
From the maturity of the grapes to preparing the wine for the bottling.
The EXCELL laboratory is ISO 17025 certified since 20 years (COFRAC N ° 1-0588, available on www.COFRAC.fr) concerning the majority of key parameters regarding your wine’s tracking.

Research and determination of contaminants

Recherche et dosage de contaminants
From food safety to preservation of the organoleptic quality of wines.
A specific and innovative analytical equipment dedicated to the assessment of product compliance with regulatory requirements and consumer demands, including the estimation of health risks and associated aromatic consequences.

Expertise and microbiological analysis

Expertise et analyse microbiologique
Analysis regarding culture media and innovative techniques of molecular biology.
Thanks to the complementarity of classical microbiology techniques and of the latest molecular biology tools, the EXCELL laboratory allows you to monitor and master the flora from the grapes to the wine’s bottling.

Determination of heavy metals and minerals

Dosage des métaux lourds et éléments minéraux
Understanding of the mineral to the presence of heavy metals.
Certified 99-3 program "chemical contaminants analysis in animals, in their products and food intended for humans or animal consumption" (COFRAC N ° 1-0588, available on www.COFRAC.fr) the EXCELL laboratory offers the amount of the main Trace Minerals Elements (ETM).

Phenolic characterisation of grapes and wines

Caractérisation phénolique des raisins et des vins
From the tannic potential of the grape to the taste balance of the wine
The origin of wine organoleptic properties and antioxidant, the phenolic compounds can be studied through innovative analytical tools, allowing access to a better understanding of their structure and reaction mechanisms involved.

Aromatic characterisation of grapes and wines

Caractérisation aromatique des raisins et des vins
From odourless precursors to obtain and preserve the aromatic complexity
The amount of routine compounds of interest by chromatography tools (gas and liquid) allows to expand the range of tests available to professionals and to guide or support the choices made in the vineyard and in the winery, to better promote and enhance the potential of its grapes.
Une expertise analytique reconnue

A certified quality approach

The ISO 17025 security: EXCELL meets the requirements of the international ISO 17025 standard, which governs the quality management principles in laboratories worldwide. Our laboratory is audited periodically by COFRAC, independent certification structure, which allows us the accreditation (Accreditation N ° 1-0588 available on www.cofrac.fr).

EXCELL is approved by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry to issue the certificates regarding analysis and purity of exported wines and approved by FRANCEAGRIMER for analysis of AOC, VDQS, VDP wines related to Community Funds. Accreditation (Accreditation N ° 1-0588 available on www.cofrac.fr).

The laboratory is involved in several French and European inter-laboratory circuits

Notre démarche qualité

EXCELL analytical expertise unanimously recognized

Consisting of a team of over twenty specialists in their fields, bringing together doctors, engineers, oenologists, chemists and microbiologists, the EXCELL laboratory offers skilled and specific analytical expertise.

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